Continuing Education Classes

Once you get your Guard Card, BSIS requires you to complete 32 hours of continuing education: 16 hours of training within 30 days from the date the registration card is issued and another 16 hours of training within 6 months from the date the registration card is issued.

This bundle includes all 32 hours of continuing education so you can take care of the BSIS requirement all at once. THIS TRAINING IS REQUIRED TO RENEW YOUR PERMIT.

Here’s what you get…

BSIS Approved Classes

32 Hour Continuing Education

  • – Advanced Arrest, Search & Seizure Class
  • – Communication Class
  • – Driver Safety Class
  • – Liability & Legal Aspects Class
  • – Observation & Documentation Class
  • – Officer Safety Class
  • – Public Relations Class
  • – Trespass Class

Online Classes Also Include…

Instant Access To Training:

  • Lesson Tracker
  • Audio and Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Study Guides
  • Fail-Proof Tests
  • Personalized Certificates
  • Free Permit Tracker

Take classes at our facility: Price: $150.00 (pay in person)

Take classes online: Price $99.00 Get Started

Online Class Worry-Free Guarantee If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and you haven’t finished all the lessons for a class), contact us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

BSIS Certified