Frequently Asked Questions

CPR, AED, First Aid

How much is CPR training?

Valley Guard Training charges $85.00 for CPR/AED & FIRST AID Training (includes the student manual) ($20.00 to purchase the student manual if you don’t already have one).

Is the CPR training required by BSIS? +

BSIS does not require CPR, first aid or AED. While not required, many officers have benefited by adding more skills thereby making themselves more hirable to security companies.

How long is a CPR/AED & FIRST AID course? +

The course is 5 hours in duration with a break in the middle.

I took a CPR course before; can I just do a refresher course? +

Yes, Since the Heart Saver CPR courses are the same for refreshers and initial students.

How long will the CPR card be good for? +

The CPR card is valid for two years from the date of issue from the American Heart Association.

If I don’t speak English well, do you have the CPR course in other languages? +

American Heart Association does have books in other languages. Valley Guard CPR currently only offers the course in English but if needed, you may bring someone with you to help translate the information.

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