Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

If I have a felony from another state, will it show up during the California background check?

When determining whether to issue a firearms permit, the BSIS will review all criminal records that are available including those from other states. They also have the ability to see those records that are expunged.

I am an active duty peace officer, how can I get my guard card and firearms permit? +

BSIS requires law enforcement officers to provide documentation of their training. These requirements vary depending on the agency of the officer. If you contact BSIS at 916-322-4000, the Bureau will explain the exact requirements for you.

How do I get a CCW or concealed weapons permit in California? +

In order to apply for a concealed weapons permit you would need to contact your local sheriff or police chief and apply directly with them. Your application needs to be with the agency in the area where you live or where you work. Many people have tried to use a friend’s address as their residence since the address is in the county that does issue CCW’s. It’s important to be aware that the issuing law enforcement agency does do an investigation and a home visit and they also talk to your neighbors to determine if you truly reside there or if you’re just using it for the purpose of an address in order to get your concealed weapons permits.

I have a concealed weapons permit from another state, can I carry a concealed firearm in California? +

At this time California does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state concerning concealed firearms in California. Basically a concealed firearms permit from any other state is not valid in the state of California. Do be aware that a lawfully issued concealed weapons permit from any law enforcement agency within the state of California is good throughout the entire state of California barring the standard exceptions.

Does your company offer military discounts? +

We offer everyone a fair price for all security training. Assistance is available for veterans through military assistance programs. No matter how you pay for the training, you will always pay a fair price. If you would like additional information on assistance programs for training please contact our office at 818-989-7825.

Do I need a guard card if I’m only going to work for one company? +

If you’re working in an unarmed security guard position and you are only working for one company then you could use either a California guard card or a proprietary security officer card. That being said, we recommend that you get the California guard card since it allows you to work anywhere in the State of California as an unarmed security guard. A California security officer with a guard card can work either for a private patrol operation or proprietary security employer.

Are you a legitimate training company and how can I tell? +

Valley Guard Training is a legitimate training facility licensed by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). We have been a BSIS training facility since December of 1993. Our credentials can be verified on the Department of Consumer Affairs website.

Do you get me a job when I finish my training? +

We do not get you the job but we do show you where they are, who is hiring and a description of the position. We have both a job board on site at the Van Nuys location and a website dedicated to security guard jobs at

Can I make payments for my training? +

We offer you the ability to start training with as little as 50.00 down. We do require that you complete your payments before we finish processing your fingerprints and applications.

What types of payments does Valley guard training except? +

Valley Guard Training accepts payment in the form of cash or credit cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover Card) for all of our training. The credit card must be in the name of the student or at least the name of the person paying for the course at that time. We do not accept credit cards over the phone nor do we accept personal checks for payment of coursework.

Is a DMV printout okay to bring in as proof of a current identification? +

A DMV printout is NOT a valid identification. You would need to wait until the state issues you your valid ID card or driver’s license.

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