Frequently Asked Questions

Live Scan Fingerprints

Is a foreign driver’s license or foreign passport okay the use for live scan fingerprinting?

A foreign passport with appropriate immigration document(s) would be accepted along with at least 2 of the following:
Utility bill (address), Jurisdictional voter registration card, Vehicle registration card/title, Paycheck stub with name/address, Spouse/parent affidavit, Cancelled check or bank statement or Mortgage documents.

How much does a live scan cost? +

The price of a live scan varies on the type of scan it is. Valley Guard Training has a standard $25 rolling fee which will be added to the states total fees of the live scan.

What ID or documents do I need to get a live scan? +

When getting a livescan you are required to bring a valid state issued identification card or drivers license. Temporary DMV permits will not be accepted.

Can I get my live scan done outside of California? +

Currently live scans are only good for the state in which the prints are taken. The government does not pass over live scan information from state to state.

If you are applying for the California guard card from outside of California, you will need to get live scanned in California OR you will send in hard card fingerprint cards along with your Breeze application receipt and a $49 check or money order made payable to “BSIS”.

Where do I get the live scan forms? +

The person or business that requested you to get live scanned should be able to provide the form or advise you where you can obtain it online. Valley Guard Training provides the forms for the Guard Card and Guard with Firearms, on our web site listed under forms.

I had a live scan done 4 months ago for another license; do I need to do it again? +

Each live scan is good only for that one purpose, so a new live scan is required for each different job or application type.

How long is a live scan good for? +

The live scan results are valid for one year starting from the date you are scanned. After that time has expired you must get a new live scan even if it’s for the same thing.

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